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2023 Political Endorsements


District Attorney:
Fran Chardo for District Attorney of Dauphin County
Lauren Eichelberger for District Attorney of Perry County

Magisterial District Judge:
Jonathan Birbeck for District Court 09-2-02 of Cumberland County
Dave Rogers for District Court 09-2-01 of Cumberland County
Michael Rinaldi for District Court 09-3-02 of Cumberland County
Brian Shull for District Court 41-3-05 of Perry County
Patrick Corkle for Distri
ct Court 41-3-04 of Perry County

Bryan Ruth for District Court 09-3-01 of Cumberland County

Annie Gomez Shockey for District Court 39-3-02 of Franklin County

Benjamin Sites for Sheriff of Franklin County

Megan Martin for Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania


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